BCB_mockup_web 2Illness is physically and mentally draining, and patients often feel that they are alone in dealing with it. MyHealth is a service intended for patients that ensures that they never have to face their worries alone. MyHealth is fully integrated with BCB quality registries.

The MyHealth service enables patients to engage in a dialogue about their state of health, functional capacity and quality of life. They can also receive self-care instructions and assess their need to seek treatment through the service. MyHealth makes it possible to monitor a patient’s treatment through a series of online questionnaires.

Through standardised data content that is synchronised with quality registries, medical professionals gain a general picture of the patient’s state of health prior to their arrival for treatment, as well as information about their post-treatment recovery, their general state of health and their potential need for additional treatment. The questionnaires are tailored co-operatively with the healthcare professionals treating the patient and they measure key indicators for monitoring the patient’s treatment.

Up-to-date monitoring

MyHealth is integrated with quality registries and enables hospitals and clinics to monitor their patients’ health, as well as identify patients that may be at risk and facing serious problems. The patients know they are being monitored, which further increases their sense of well-being. The hospital, for its part, receives regular information about a patient’s symptoms and can use MyHealth to issue decisions regarding whether the patient’s symptoms require a hospital visit. Eliminating non-essential hospital visits and follow-up appointments also results in cost savings.