The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa uses the Omavointi service to monitor a patient’s treatment through a series of online questionnaires. A recent survey carried out at the Heart and Lung Center Outpatient Clinic revealed that 85,7% of the patients were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service.

The respondents especially praised the usability of the service and the clear questions that covered all the essential aspects of the patient’s state of health. The service was regarded as an easy way of monitoring the treatment, dealing with non-pressing issues, and forwarding information to healthcare professionals regarding changes in the patient’s health.

“The usability was good. In my opinion, more and more things related to treatment should be made available online.”

“The health facility receives up-to-date information through this service, and I can leave a contact request. Also, taking care of matters digitally like this is very handy.”

Some users also pointed out that the service has a wider importance than just forwarding information about their own treatment.

“The data helps out the next patients.”

“I think it in some ways benefits the patient safety.”

“Perhaps one monitors one’s own health better with this service.”

Omavointi service – for the benefit of the patient

The Omavointi service enables patients to engage in a dialogue about their state of health, functional capacity and quality of life. They can also receive self-care instructions and assess their need to seek treatment through the service. Through standardised data content that is synchronised with BCB quality registries, medical professionals gain a general picture of the patient’s state of health prior to their arrival for treatment, as well as information about their post-treatment recovery, their general state of health and their potential need for additional treatment. The questionnaires are tailored co-operatively with the healthcare professionals treating the patient and they measure key indicators for monitoring the patient’s treatment.

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