Elisa and BCB Medical have combined their expertise and digitized the clinical pathway for specialised asthma care with remote measuring and asthma registry. The measurements taken by the asthma patient are forwarded straight to the system used by the healthcare personnel and combined with the data in other healthcare systems. This enables remote care, saves the patient from unnecessary medical appointments, and gives the professionals more time for actual healthcare work. The new service is already in use at HUS, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

Elisa and BCB Medical have together developed an asthma registry, which combines the readings of the asthma patient’s remote measuring with data from various healthcare systems in one view. The asthma registry improves the quality and efficiency of care and makes the daily life of patients and healthcare professionals easier.

– Asthma patients have a peak flow meter that measures the person’s peak expiratory flow (PEF), and a smartphone application reminding them of measurements and instructing them of the process. Via the application, the peak flow readings and additional information connected to the care are automatically forwarded to healthcare professionals. The remote care data is integrated with the healthcare systems, says Tuomas Mäkynen, Director, International Healthcare at Elisa.

– The data collected from the remote measuring by the patients is combined with the care data stored in the asthma registry. The care data in the registry has been entered there by healthcare professionals, or it has been automatically obtained from the medical information systems through integrations. All this data is combined in one view so that the healthcare personnel has all the essential information they need in order to provide the best care for the patient, Petteri Viljanen, CEO of BCB Medical continues.

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Petteri Viljanen
CEO, BCB Medical