Senior Advisor at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Antti Larsio, has been appointed as a BCB Medical board member.

Antti Larsio is one of the most experienced and respected Health IT experts in Finland. During the past few years, he has acted as an advisor to e.g. the Finnish healthcare districts and ministries regarding the upcoming social and health services reform, as well as the legislation and national IT architecture related to the reform. Larsio has previously worked as a CIO for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, CIO and Corporate Director for TeliaSonera, National Technology Officer for Microsoft and Client Executive for InterSystems.

– Antti Larsio strengthens our board and the whole company by bringing with him a vast amount of experience and lots of vision. We are extremely happy to be able welcome such a significant addition to our team, says Petteri Viljanen, the CEO of BCB Medical.

According to Antti Larsio, BCB is in a very interesting expansion phase.

– From the very beginning, BCB has had the right attitude: they have collected good quality clinical data throughout its history and the knowledge base has expanded enormously. It is a good foundation for building opportunities for internationalization. In my mind, BCB operates exactly on the field where Finnish companies have growth potential. The competition is hard, but the setting is good, says Larsio.