Our disease-specific quality registries are always integrated with hospitals’ other patient data systems, taking advantage of centralised integration interfaces. Thanks to BCB’s exceptionally intelligent integration platform, the integration is more agile, flexible and cost-effective than ever. We don’t believe in manual double-entries, but rather in seamless integration between systems.

BCB Medical is one of the leading integrators of healthcare information systems in Finland. Our leading position is based on our solid experience, which we have gained from working in close co-operation with our customers and other providers of patient data systems for more than ten years now.

Compatible with all patient data systems

Thanks to our intelligent integration platform, we have developed centralised and standardised integration interfaces that are compatible with the patient data systems of all Finnish hospitals. With our integration platform, we have executed hundreds of integrations between disease-specific quality registries and hospitals’ other patient data systems. Our quality registries have already received some 200 million integration messages from other patient data systems.

BCB’s integration platform in a nutshell

  • Quality registries can be integrated with the patient data systems of all Finnish hospitals.
  • Thanks to the complete, centralised integration interfaces, which are also in compliance with sector standards, the integrations are agile, flexible and cost-effective to execute.
  • BCB has executed hundreds of integrations between quality registries and other patient data systems over the past ten years.
  • Our quality registries have thus far received some 200 million integration messages from other systems.
  • Using the integration platform, we automatically transfer the treatment, examination and surgery reports that are generated in the quality registries to the medical record systems in a standardised format that is compatible with Finland’s national health archive system, called “Kanta”.

Our integration platform brings the following information to quality registries: