BCB ArtuX for arthroscopic surgery professionals

BCB ArtuX is the solution for the arthroscopic surgery professional who is dedicated to improving the efficiency of arthroscopic surgery treatment chains and continuously improving quality. With ArtuX, you will be able to prepare both effectiveness reports and treatment chain quality reports in no time – only a couple of clicks are needed.

ArtuX helps you to improve monitoring treatment effectiveness and quality, boost your treatment chain by automating and streamlining routine procedures, and implement structured clinical research based on large samples.

ArtuX covers the quality monitoring of shoulder, knee, wrist and ankle treatment chains and supplements the special requirements of each chain with the appropriate quality, point and classification indicators. It also enables monitoring of conservative treatment.

The system is widely used in university hospitals, central hospitals and private hospitals. It is an indispensable aid in the everyday work of surgeons, physiotherapists, departmental nurses, surgery coordinators, recovery room nurses and theatre staff.

The benefit of ArtuX, as with all BCB systems, is its quick and simple deployment, and its ability to be integrated with all central systems of the hospital.

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